About MASEx and MAS Capital

Aaron Tsai is a Chinese-American entrepreneur, investment banker, venture capitalist, and fintech visionary. He is the Founder and Chief Capitalist at MASEx (名交所) and MAS Capital (名资). He is also the Founder of MAS Capital Group (名资国际)

What is MASEx?

Masex Universal STO Exchange

MAS Capital Universal Exchange (MASEx) is a global STO exchange. By using AI and blockchain technology to form a decentralized exchange to trade securities, commodities, FOREX and digital assets on a single or a universal trading platform, MASEx plans to be the leading global universal exchange.

A little bit of background on how it started: Aaron Tsai incorporated MASEx in Anguilla on August 14, 2018, with a registered representative office in Taipei. MASEx’s Stock Listing — Entry Board started to trade its first equity security token WESTO, issued by Westrend Consulting from Vietnam, on October 31, 2019.

MASEx is a platform that will deliver greater transparency, economies of scale and liquidity on a global basis with a plan to open access to the un-banked.

Business with MASEx

MASEx’s target markets include companies and investors from both the emerging and underdeveloped countries, with its initial focus in China and Asia.

Regarding the planned Stock Listing — Universal Board, it will adopt AI-based continuous due diligence on companies with a monthly reporting standard, achieved through cloud-based internal controls and accounting systems, offered by our key strategic partner, to transform the exchange industry to a new and a higher standard. MASEx aims to list 11,000 Chinese and Asian companies’ equity securities tokens within 3 years on the Stock Listing Board.

Spear-headed by Aaron Tsai, MASEx is managed by a team of professionals with financial, technical and management skills and experience. MASEx also has a team and a network of advisors dedicated to generating security token listings on its Stock Listing Board. The AI advisors include SingularityNET, managed by CEO Dr. Ben Goertzel. He is also Chief Scientist of Hanson Robotics, the creator of Sophia, the world’s most famous humanoid robot.

What is MAS Capital Inc.?

Aaron Tsai established MAS Capital Inc. in the United States in August 1995. MAS Capital Group, on the other hand, was formed in August 2002, which specializes in assisting China-based companies in going public on the US Main Board, Venture Board, and the OTC markets. Methods in going public include IPO, Reverse Merger, Direct Public Offering, Private Placement plus Form 10 Registration and SPAC merger transaction. Capital raising methods include pre-IPO private placement, private placement with a reverse merger transaction, PIPE, IPO and Secondary Public offerings.

Business with MAS Capital Inc.

MAS Capital

MAS Capital Group currently conducts business in China, Taiwan, UAE and Malaysia, with plans to further expand into other Asian countries. MAS Capital is a long term Associate Member of the National Investment Banking Association (NIBA), which allowed the firm to establish relationships with many investment banks, securities broker-dealers, and private equity funds. NIBA represents over 8800 registered reps. To be an associate member of NIBA, a company should: have 78 billion in assets under management, be responsible for 90% of IPO’s under $20 million, and have raised over $10 billion for emerging growth companies, all of which MAS Capital Inc. has proudly achieved under the direct supervision of Aaron Tsai.