Revolutionizing the digital asset exchange ecosystem with MASEx

Decentralised, cross chain technology, with lightning transfer capability for BTC, ETH, USDT, and more!

digital asset exchange in the notebook screen

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MAS Capital Universal Exchange MASEx (名交所) , a global STO exchange with Aaron Tsai at the helm, recently acquired a team to roll out a high performance decentralized MASEx 2.0 exchange, to lead and empower a next generation decentralized exchange with lightning digital asset transfers, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT).

MASEx’s CTO Mr. Simon Hsu, who formerly worked at Microsoft, will support MASEx with world-leading high-performance trading and bank industry-grade security technologies, enabling the next generation of the decentralized and universal trading platform. MASEx will be a cross-chain asset exchange, addressing the interoperability bottleneck that has previously affected decentralized exchanges, using MASEx’s side chain technology to realize lightning transactional speed.

Current centralized exchanges are faced with challenges of security with billions lost to hackers and their own personnel, while decentralized exchanges are limited mostly to ERC20 tokens, and both types of exchanges face high transaction fees. One special feature with MASEx’s technology is, for example, trading of BTC within the MASEx ecosystem incurs only MASEx platform tokens MASX, and BTC transfer fees will be limited to the initial incoming and final outgoing from the MASEx ecosystem. MASEx is continuously focusing on improving the universal exchange platform that doesn’t sacrifice on performance with near 100% security, especially with MASEx’s strong decentralized cross chain and encryption technology.

According to Simon Hsu, MASEx CTO, “MASEx is pioneering cross-chain technology covering most of the mainstream crypto tokens — all while achieving 8,000+ transactions per second to solve the key trading pain points of decentralized exchanges.”

“With MASEx technology that combines strong security, blazing fast transaction speeds, and flexible cross-chain digital asset transfers, MASEx is positioned to be a leader in decentralized asset exchanges and wallet integrations. The acquisition of a new team is yet another huge stride for the digital asset and security token exchange ecosystem — solving challenges and pain points still present in many existing solutions out there for current digital asset exchanges”, says Aaron Tsai, Founder and Chief Capitalist of MASEx.

About MASEx

MAS Capital Universal Exchange (MASEx) is a global STO exchange. It aims to become the leading security token exchange by using AI and blockchain technology to form a decentralized exchange to trade securities, commodities, FOREX and digital assets on a single or Universal trading platform. Founded by Aaron Tsai and incorporated in Anguilla on August 14, 2018, and having a registered representative office in Taipei, MASEx Stock Listing — Entry Board started to trade its first equity security token WESTO, issued by Westrend Consulting from Vietnam, on October 31, 2019. MASEx will be a platform to deliver greater transparency, economies of scale, and liquidity on a global basis with a plan to open access to the un-banked.

About MASEx Technology

MASEx, through its affiliate MAS Capital Group (名资国际), will provide turnkey white-label services to the crypto industry by providing a decentralized, dual chain i) wallet, ii) public chain to generate tokens, and iii) decentralized crypto exchange. The revolutionary solution aims to solve several key challenges of digital asset exchanges and public blockchains: slow transaction speed, high transaction fees, insecurity due to hacking and theft over centralized exchanges, and the inability to exchange digital assets between various public chains